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      The   new   equation   of   energy   :   Ε = m0i-1αυ   means,   that   not   only   the   speed   of
            a   body   can   to   become   infinite,   but   that,   both   :   mass   and   energy,   can
         disappear   from   a   reference   system   and   to   appear   in   another   and   conversely.


We   define   the   following   shortcuts   :


    We   are   transforming   the   FEU   in   the   form   of   the   NEE   :

    ΣΑ  =  i  ( ΑΥ ) -1    ⟹    1  =  ΣΑ  i -1  AY

In   principle   we   observe,  that   1  ( En ( one ))  is   Energy   without   έργο  ( ergo ( work )).

    So   we   have   now   together   the   two   equations   :

    FEU   :   1  =  ΣΑ  i -1  ΑΥ
    NEE   :   E  =  m0  i -1  αυ

From   the   combinatorial   interpretation   of   the   two   equations,   it   result   that   the
mass   is   frosted   energy,   and   the   energy   is   frosted   consciousness.





1.     A   universe   is   unconscious   enforcement   of   Logos.


2.     a)   The   freezing   of   Logos   in   specific   self   is   energy   (  psyche  )*.


        b)   The   history   of   the   freezing   and   of   defrosting   is   the   genetic   code.


        c)   A   universe   is   a   machine   of   production   of   energy,   through   the

              downgrading   of   the   consciousness   and   of   production   of   consciousness  

              through   the   upgrading   of   the   energy.


              *(  ψυχή  =  psyche  =  frosted  )


3.     The   perception   of   specific   self   (  PSS  )   is   automatic   production   of   energy

        within   the   field   of   the   specific   perception   (  FSP  ).


        a)   PSS  =  FSP   when   :   ΣΑ  ΑΥ      (  Automatic   production   of   energy

                                                                          (  sleep   state  )).


        b)   PSS  >  FSP   when   :   ΣΑ    ΑΥ     (  Selective   production   of   energy

                                                                          (  state   of   theoretical   awakening  )).


        c)   PSS  <  FSP   when   :   ΣΑ  ΑΥ      (  Reduced   production   of   energy

                                                                          (  state   of   practical   awakening  )).


        d)   A   universe   whose   the   universal   stress   ( ΣΑ )   increases   artificially,   is



4.     The   abstract   selfrewording   either   being   vertically   (  selfknowledge  ),  

        or   horizontally   (  justice  ),   eliminate   or   reduces   the   involvement   in   the  

        universe,   depending   of   the   intensity   of   the   abstraction.





Dialogue  of  Δύναμις  and  Pyrfotos  in  :  forum.presbeia-protoi   on  the  subject  :  God  IS  NOT  exist  !

Δύναμις  :

Many of us grew up with the stories of Chalimas and especially  of  the Orthodox church, since Hellenism and Christianity are supposed to coexist from ... always. As children, we had no other way except, of accepting what the big ones were saying to us, and necessarily "believing" what he says "I believe in one God, father,  almighty..." etc. Some of us grew and they surpassed the narrow limits of thinking of the Greek  religious society and discovered that the greatest scourge of Hellenism and humanity in general is the sacred fathers of the church and the related  scum,  who were looking to fill their pockets instead of filling the belly of the hungry their fellow human beings. Shame on all those who used God and the Church to suppress every gullible homunculus and especially every woman, considering her responsible for the "Paradise Lost". Time to wake up the most idiots religionists of all countries and religions, but much more the Greeks ones.  A good idea would be to  captured  priests and metropolitans and to put them to be cleaning  the streets  so  be cleared a little the Greece.

Surely you want to find out why I say that there is no god ( from now on I will write it with a small g ).
Simply because a unique entity is unable to keep the balance of things either on a universal  or global scale. The crap of such a situation we live with every day. People who are accumulating power in their hands are abusing it constantly, and god it is not any  better. In the end, we humans we are made "alike" to him.  Or can any of you explain to me with tangible examples what god did good on this earth? The example of nature does not matter because  nature did not make it the god.

I expect your answers to continue the discussion.


Pyrfotos  :

The  word  god,  is  a  wording  for  the  supreme.

This  means  that  every  existence  gives  to  the  word,  the  meaning  of  what  it  considers  as  supreme.

If  the  view  of  existence  is  below  the  level  of  unity,  it  considers  as  supreme,  a  highest  being  that  dominates  to  inferior  beings.

If  the  view  of  existence  is  above  the  level  of  unity  and  below  the  level  of  the  Logos  ( that  is,  of  the  unconscious  universal  self-limitation  of  the  use  of  self-identification  marks,  such  as  the  words :  god,  supreme,  Logos,  etc. ),  then  it  considers  as  supreme,  everything,  including  herself.

If  the  view  of  existence  is  above  the  level  of  the  Logos,  then  it  considers  as  supreme,  itself,  which  includes  everything.

In  relation  to  the  previous  situation  ( and  using  the  words  abusively,  as  long  as  we  are  talking  about  a  level  above  the  Logos ),  it  is  a  change  of  universal  rotation,  from  extrovert  to  introvert.


 ( astrochimp  Intervention )


Δύναμις  :

Welcome, friend Pyrfotos!

Is it easy for you to do a little in details  what you wrote above?
I mean with examples and simple vocabulary so to we can to be in coordination (if possible). Perhaps you should take a look to our English or German texts (posts) to understand exactly for what exactly levels  we are talking about here. Allow me to record (at least momentarily) the philosophical view about gods and winds on the stories of Chalimas or Aristotle or anyone else you want. The same applies to the "supreme" one, which  named by some who are ignorants, god, and those who are even more ignorants, they memorized it and they spread it, without being able to understand the damage they cause.

Philosophy is for those who prefer to hunt dreams and ghosts.
We are prefer to hunt those who hunt us for finally stop this global mess. Is good the philosophy, but it can not change the reality.  Let's it change this first and then very gladly continue the philosophies at whatever level you want.
I suspect, however, that  will passed  then for you the desire for philosophies , because when the moment of the change of the reality of all of us will come, the subject of the "supreme" or of any god will no longer arise.

Do not get me wrong, your second sentence is a lot of good remark, but all that you write in response to my subject is slightly inappropriate. We do not deal with the definition of the word god, but with the existence of the god, or the  supreme if you will, as accepts it the 90% of the earth's population.


Pyrfotos  :

Δύναμις,  thank  you  for  the  welcome.

astrochimp  greetings,  and  also  to  everyone  in  the  forum.

Δύναμις   I  agree  for  the  change  of  reality.

One  of  the  easiest  changes  with  a  direct  impact  that  can  someone  make,  is  to  be  exploring  the  concepts  without  affected  by  the  prejudices  of  the  others.


Δύναμις  :

Be well, Pyrfotos! I sincerely i am glad you came to our forum and I hope in some time also other Greeks  ( logical and unbiased ) to find also  the way to knowledge, in order to be made the so much needed change. I would like to use   "those who are faithful to come" but I prefer to avoid the word  faith and its derivatives because they have poisoned many people . We need pure, open minds and  languages with courage not gullible pawns without a will. Changes do not happen when we bend the head, but when we raise it on and  remove the yoke of any usurper, "Puppet World President", unconscious politician and the like.



Correspondence  between  :  Iphigenia  Athena  Promachos  (  )  and  Pyrfotos,  for  bright  orbs,  on  the  occasion  of  the  small  films  :  ''  DELOS  ''  and  ''  ATHENA  ''

Pyrfotos  :

Thanks  for  the  posting  of  :  ''  Delos  ''.
If  you  want  see  and  post  this  :


Iphigenia  Athena  Promahos  :

I  thank  you  !
Wonderful   too.
I  have  taken  a  look  at  your  blog  and  I  would  like  to  ask  you  what  do  you  think  are  these  spheres,   there  are  different  views...   and  Y  and  Π  represent  what  ?
I  wish  not  to  be  intrusive ...


Pyrfotos  :

Friend  Iphigenia  Athena  Promahos.

In  thanks  again  for  posting  the  :  ''  ATHENΑ  ''.

The  :  ''  Υ  Π  ''  are  the  first   two  letters  of  the  word  :  ΥΠΕΡΗΛΙΟΣ  and  are  there  as  logo  throughout  the  course  of  the  homonymous  film,  for  reasons  of  copyright  protection.

I  think  the  bright  orbs  as  hyper-threedimensional  entities.
The  light  from  the  flash  of  the  camera,  carry,  in  addition  to  the  electromagnetic  frequency  and  the  frequency  of  the  man  who  keeps  it.
If  the  frequency  of  man  is  sufficiently  high,  then  this  light  is  meeting  and  reflected  - so  record -  and  higher  dimensional  objects.
If  not,  do  not  meets,  not  reflected  on  them  and  not  recorded.
Moreover,  the  recording  is  most  probable  in  favorable  conditions  of  place  and  time.
It  seems  that  the  frequency  of  most  people  is  constantly  rising,  so  more  and  more   people  are  recording  bright  orbs.


Iphigenia  Athena  Promahos  :

Friend  Pyrfotos,  thank  you  very  much  for  the  information,
By  the  way,  i  threw  a  look  at  the  previous  dialogues  that  really  impressed  me.
I  looked  at  your  site  and  I  like  the  seriousness  you  approached  the  subject,  as  opposed  to  several  that  are  written  and  they  are  said.
The  people  as  three-dimensional  beings  who  we  are  i  imagine  that  we  can  not  understand  a  lot  more  than  being  and  happening  around  us,  and  especially  charms  me  that  a  photographic  lens  can  be  " immortalized "  and  display,  forms  and  colors,  maybe  the  technology  currently  available  is  not  sufficient  to  accurately  portray  what  is .... is  it  different  to  their  true  form ?
You  got  into  your  account  if  our  ancestors  have  been  reported  on  this  phenomenon ?
and  why  the  second  video  you  called,  aura ...?  and  ether  came  to  my  mind ....
Amazing  both  !
Thank  you  for  your  answers,  I  appreciate  this  a  lot.


Pyrfotos  :

Dear  friend,  Iphigenia  Athena  Promachos,

With  joy  I  read  your  remarks.

I  do  not  know  if  there  is  some  reference  for  bright  orbs  in  to  the  extant  ancient  literature.

The  '' aura '',  really  refers  to  the  ether.
Keep  in  mind  that  our  physical  body  it  is  three  dimensional,  but  we  have  functions  such  as  feeling,  thinking  and  intuition,  which,  can  not  be  identified  and  measured  entirely  in  three  dimensions.
Various  biochemical  reactions  associated  with  these  functions,  it  is  simply  the  projection  of  these  functions  to  the  physical  body.
So,  we  are  intelligent  multidimensional  beings.
We  have  namely  an  internal  dynamic,  the  activation  of  which,  upgrades  us  to  beings  in  ever  higher  dimensions.
In  some  higher  dimensions  there  are  forms,  and  in  some  even  higher  there  are  no  forms.
I  think  this  answers  the  question  :  ΄΄  what  is  the  real  form  of  the  bright  orbs  ?  ΄΄.
Each  dimension  contains  the  lower  dimensions  consolidated  and  the  higher  dimensions  in  split.
This  formula  sets  for  each  dimension  and  as  to  some  point  of  reference,  the  existence  or  not  of  forms  and  their  type.


Iphigenia  Athena  Promahos  :

Dear Pyrfotos,

indeed, we are intelligent multidimensional beings and i suppose that this contact or conscious transition to other dimensions differs from person to person.
I think it depends of  the spiritual level of development of each individual and of the ethereal body.
Your comments brought to my mind this very interesting, in my opinion, article that I quote you, than i understand, you have a good knowledge of the matter.

" In some higher dimensions there are forms, and in some even higher there are no forms."
Did the first case belongs to the sensible world and the second in the world of  the  conceivable  ?  i suspect..

You gave me an unexpected food for thought, and thanks for the valuable information that stir my mind and my imagination with these your  stimuli that led me to several coherences.

'' Each dimension contains the  lower dimensions consolidated and  the higher  dimensions  in split. ''
Whenever you have time spoke to me please a little about this theme and forgive me for the bombing of questions  but  the conversation eventually evolved unexpected and interesting !


Pyrfotos  :

Dear  friend  Iphigenia,

Imagine  if  you  want,  a  superior  dimension  in  which  you  perceive  the  space  and  the  time  consolidated  (  namely  you  perceive  the  space  as  time  and  time  as  space  ),  while  also  you  perceive  light  and  sound  in  split  (  namely  you  perceive  lights  and  sounds  ).

Imagine  an  even  higher  dimension,  in  which  you  perceive  light  and  sound  consolidated  (  namely  you  perceive  lights  as  sounds  and  sounds  as  lights  )  while  also  you  perceive  for  example  the  existence  and  the  absence  in  split.

Imagine  an  even  higher  dimension,  in  which  you  perceive  the  existence  and  absence  consolidated,  namely  you  perceive  existence  as  absence  and  absence  as  existence,  (  incidentally  this  is  the  first  level  of  absence  of  forms  for  humans  )  and  you  perceive  in  split,  other  pairs  of  abstract  concepts,  such  as  the  unity  and  separation,  knowledge  and  ignorance,  harmony  and  chaos.

When  you  reach  (  so  to  speak,  since  above  the  unified  existence - absence,  does  not  pass  anything  by  lower  self  )  to  not  perceive  any  concrete,  abstract  or  super - abstract  concept,  then  you  will  have  exited  from  all  the  perceived  reference  systems  and  you  will  experiencing,  something  that  may  later  you  call  it  :  absolute,  inexpressible,  etc.

But  as  you  rightly  say,  this  transition  is  different  from  person  to  person.

Someone  is  not  very  familiar  with  the  abstract  world,  may  exited  from  all  the  perceived  reference  systems  in  a  level at  which  someone  else,  even  perceive,  the  split  manifestation  of  some  super - abstract  concepts.

Of  course  this  second,  will  exit  from  all  perceived  reference  systems  to  a  higher  level.

So,  although  both  would  agree  that  they  experienced  the  same  thing,  it  is  possible  the  absolute  of  one  to  be  different  from  the  absolute  of  the  other.



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